After a traumatic event, some individuals experience symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Common symptoms of PTSD include recurring memories or nightmares of the traumatic event(s), sleeplessness, avoidance of things that may remind you of the trauma, loss of interest, or feeling numb, anger, and irritability.  Prolonged Exposure therapy (PE) is an evidenced-based cognitive behavioral treatment program. Numerous well-controlled research studies over the past two decades have shown that PE significantly reduces the symptoms of PTSD as well as co-morbid symptoms of depression, anger and anxiety.  PE helps you decrease distress about your trauma by helping you safely approach trauma-related thoughts, feelings, and situations that you have been avoiding due to the distress they cause. Repeated exposure to these thoughts, feelings, and situations facilitates processing the trauma and reduces their emotional impact. This treatment generally consists of eight to fifteen weekly or twice weekly sessions. Most sessions last about one and a half hours each.